Our Technology

It is our goal to keep abreast of and offer services that take advantage of the latest technological advances in dental care. These include:

Digital Technology
In order to best serve you, we offer intra-oral cameras that allow you to see your mouth up close and help you fully understand your oral health & treatment. We also offer digital X-rays, which give immediate results and reduce your exposure to radiation by over 90%. In addition digital x-rays don´t require the toxic developing chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

CEREC – One-Visit Dentistry
CEREC porcelain crowns and fillings are accomplished using CAD/CAM computer technology. Milled out of a solid block of porcelain, these restorations are extremely durable, wear like enamel and look fantastic. Our patients especially appreciate that there are no impressions, no temporary crowns and no need for a second appointment with a second injection.

We use medical lasers to aid in the treatment we provide. Lasers can make treatment easier, and more comfortable with faster healing times.